COMING FROM NORTH (GRAND BEND / LAMBTON SHORES AREA): You've got lots of options for a scenic route, but eventually you'll need to find your way to county road 30 (Oil Heritage Road) and head south over the 402, past Reeses Corners and into Wyoming.

COMING FROM SOUTH (CHATHAM AREA): Depending on how far south you are from Wyoming, there's about 1000 different roads that go in 9 different directions, none pointed directly at the HUB. Your best bet is one of two options:

a) Go to Lake St. Clair and find a boat headed upstream. Catch a ride with them until they get north of Mooretown. Ask them to pull as close to the shore as possible, point your bike east and GIVE'ER. If you make it safely onto shore, find your way to Oil Heritage Road and head north. Good luck.

b) Don't go anywhere. Stay where you are right now and use the map above to come up with your own route. In the meantime, call you local MP and ask them why the roads where you are are so messed up.

COMING FROM EAST (LONDON AREA): Starting from the London area, most direct route depends on whether you are north London or south. From the north end of the city, the most direct route is to head out Fanshawe Park Road headed west, which will become Egremont Drive past Lobo, and London Line as you approach Reeses Corners. Go left at Reeses Corners to head into Wyoming.

From South London, head west on HWY 402 and exit at Oil Heritage Road (exit #25). Go south on Oil Heritage for a few minutes and you're there.

COMING FROM WEST (SARNIA AREA): HWY 402, London Line, Confederation Line...all good. HWY 402 and London Line will bring you in just north of town, while Confederation will bring you right into Wyoming. You can even come out Plank line to Petrolia Line and then go north to Wyoming, but if you do, watch for the riders coming hard off the river - they may be wet and mad.